(1) How much do your services cost?

- Our services are absolutely free. All we ask from you is to fill up a form so that we can find the most affordable deals available online for you according to your condition.

(2) Can you give 100 % guarantee that I will get a contract phone?

- No, we can't. No authentic company should promise you 100 % approval. Those companies who do are not reliable because it all comes down to the network providers. However, through our years of experience, trusted partnerships with UK's top tier mobile companies and probably the largest database of bad credit mobile phone deals, we can increase your chances of securing a contract phone.

(3) What are the requirements to apply for bad credit mobile phones?

- The requirements are quite simple. All you need is a legal ID, proof of address and most importantly proof of income so that the company is assured that you will be able to keep up with the monthly payments.

(4) Can you help me get the latest smartphone in the market?

- We would rather advise you not to apply for latest, expensive phones because your chances of getting acceptance will be quite low if you have a bad credit history. You should go for cheap handsets in the beginning because the company won't be up for any kind of risks. What you can do is pay the repayments on time and establish a good relationship with the provider so that you can upgrade your service to the mobile phone you like later.

(5) How long does it take before I get my contract phone once I have applied?

- We, at Wall Phones, are committed to providing our clients with the fastest and most hassle-free services. We make sure that the client gets their mobile phone within one or two days of application.

(6) Do you only have one particular network on your mobile deals?

- No. We have trusted partnerships with several UK's top tier mobile networks and have an array of bad credit mobile phone deals in our database from which you can choose from according to your needs.

(7) What is the general length of the contract?

- Well, it depends from contract to contract and most importantly your credit. Normally, the standard limit is 10 months. However, if you have a bad credit history, then you must atleast commit to a contract of 18 months.

(8) Why should I apply online when I can go to a physical store?

- There's a common misconception prevalent in our society that applying online for bad credit mobile phones can turn out to be more expensive than applying through an actual store. Applying online through a carrier company saves you a lot of hassle and money as it is more convenient. Using a carrier's services to gain the network provider's approval is not only your best shot at getting acceptance but it's faster as compared to applying directly through a physical store where no middleman is involved, especially when you have a bad credit.